Calle Ocho- Tacos and Mojitos


Venture west of I-95 and you will find a little neighborhood called Little Havana. Not only is this a busy and colorful neighborhood, much like the rest of Miami, but unbeknownst to most tourists, and even locals, Little Havana  is as much as a cultural immersion destination as it is a culinary one. Man1

Little Havana dates back to the 1930s, when it mad a primarily Jewish neighborhood. In the 1960s, as Cuban immigrants emigrated into Miami, Little Havana became what it is today- a concentration of colors, races and cuisine.Chips

Tucked behind two frog statues on 8th street and 13th avenue you will find “El Taquito”, a Mexican hole in the wall serving the best sangrias, “lengua de vac a” (cow tongue) tacos, and chips you will ever find outside of Mexico.


Just a block west on the first floor of the white building with the pillars, lies Cuba Ocho Arts & Research Center, Little Havana’s cultural hub and the world’s largest rum collection.


Ball & Chain


La Esquina



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